Multiple building site houses

What we do

Masterplan, design and engineering

We assess site conditions and a range of logistical options. Our team deploys internationally recognised design best practices and produces innovative architectural solutions. We have extensive experience in remote areas and a proven track record of building military and civilian facilities in challenging and remote environments, including war and crisis zones, as well as urban areas.

A building site from above

Civil works

We have extensive experience in civil construction, including construction of access roads, gates, fences, camp foundations, electrical works, water supply, main external water network, drainage, excavations for any type of camp, regardless of their size and location. We provide the best public works solutions for your employees in the camps, always ensuring safe working conditions.


For over 30 years, we have successfully provided innovative and affordable modular building technologies and prefabricated building structures to support our customers’ operations anywhere in the world.

Prefabricated building structures (fixed and mobile):
We provide full mechanical erection and installation of fully equipped temporary camp facilities in challenging and remote environments around the world. Temporary building systems include: soft ‘tent’ structures, containerised flatpack units, converted containers (for the construction of prefabricated buildings such as: DFACs, kitchen facilities, first aid/clinics, recreation facilities, gyms, workshops, warehouses, accommodation, and office buildings).

Modular construction technologies:
We design and deliver full mechanical erection of permanent and temporary facilities using modular construction technologies such as: Steel Volumetric, Blockhaus, Blockhaus-PRIMOLAM « CLT », Wooden Frame, X-LAM « CLT » and glued, laminated Timber.

Pre-engineered steel structures:
We design and deliver full mechanical erection of pre-engineered steel structures to support your operations and your third parties worldwide.

Green and innovative solutions:
Through our experience and research, we can provide innovative and sustainable solutions for your camps (use of wood as a building material, solar power generation, water purification, waste, and hazardous materials treatment plants).

A picture of a house in construction under a blue sky
Workers using a lift to build a house
Illustration of a man supervising with a tablet connected

Facilities maintenance

Our team of experts maintain your buildings in optimal operating condition: from inspections, preventive maintenance, and repairs to the management of day-to-day operations (main external water, drainage, sewage and electricity networks, fire safety systems, installation of mechanical equipment – WTP/WWTP, diesel generators – and building maintenance).

Facilities management
services – on request

We offer all types of soft facility management services, for camps and any operation worldwide: such as leisure catering, camp administration, cleaning, laundry,housekeeping, security, guarding, pest control, janitorial services, and gardening.