a home

away from

in the world.

Our company

Creating a home
away from home,
anywhere in the world.

We deliver innovative turnkey construction solutions for fast, safe, and fully equipped camps to customers worldwide. Our services integrate end-to end design, engineering, procurement, logistics and construction functions. With minimal use of third-party subcontractors, our clients experience a streamlined and efficient project management and construction service. We also provide a wide range of services and designs for permanent or temporary structures, civil works and infrastructure projects.

Building site houses with yellow ramps

About us

Who we are

Our success story began with the coming together of three leading companies (ES-KO, C.M.C. di Ravenna and INTEGRA AES). We combined our collective insight, expertise, and worldwide experience to offer our customers the finest camp construction services. Italian by heritage and recognised for our quality and reliability, we develop and build innovative turnkey camps in remote and hostile locations around the world. We are EIC CC.

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Workers from the above

Our solutions and services

What we do

We assess site conditions and a range of logistical options. Our team deploys internationally recognised design best practices and produces innovative architectural solutions. We have extensive experience in remote areas and a proven track record of building military and civilian facilities in challenging and remote environments, including war and crisis zones, as well as urban areas.

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Building site houses from the above


Where we work

Our wide range of camp construction services have one goal: to allow you to focus upon your project, without distraction. In unfamiliar countries and cultures, in remote locations or in conflict zones, you can count on us to build safe, innovative, efficient and reliable camps.

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